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Kruger park
The wild cost
Jeffry's bay

הטיול של ארז באפריקה

kruger park SA
Swasiland, Sodwana bay

hi every one,
a short update and some pics.
 i got some complains that there wern't any photo's of me so here you go...
look at the backround where i point...
last days-
2 days safary in kruger park (amazing...)
2 days driving threw swasiland ( a small and beatifull country bordering S.A)
2 days diving and relaxing in sodwana bay (indian ocean- even more amazing)
plan for the next days- hiking the drakensberg mountains and fixing the roof rack in my car in durben.

 the wild cost (transkay) - Port st. Jones SA

hi all

i'm still in SA making my way to Capetown.

i spend a week around Durban mainly surfing and taking care of something in the car.

last couple of days i'm in an area called the wild cost (transkay). i'm staying in a small town called port st. Jones.

the wild cost is the last real rural area along the cost of SA. there is no real road along the cost and transportation is manily on dirt road or by foot. most villages are now beginning to get electricity , running water however is still rare.


i had a 2 days hike a long the cost with a Swiss guy. you can see by the pictures what is the true meaning of nothing. miles of miles of perfect beaches and no one there. we spend the night at a local family (xhosa- the name of the tribe that leaves in this area).

surfing here is pretty good but sharks are common so no surfing alone and no surfing deep water (only shallow beaches and reefs).


enjoy the pictures


the wild cost
Jeffry's bay

hi everyone,
didn't write for a while because i was mainly surfing and don't have much to see. sorry for all the none surfers this one will not be very interesting...
however it has been a great time-
stayed for 2 weeks in the wild cost, very good surf although lonely and sharky (at least they say, i didn't see even one shark since I'm here)
8 days in j-bay (Jeffry's bay), south Africa surfing meka. 3 main point brakes (right)- "super tubes" "tubes", "magno tubes" is the names. a wave so long so fast and so perfect. only problems is a lot of surfers but still it was defiantly the best right hand wave i surfed.
if you look carefully at the picture from  "seals point" (the one with the 2 surfers and no wave)- you can understand why it's called like  that (also surfed "sharks bay"- luckily i didn't meet the local marine life there).
between surfing i also made the world highest bungee (216 m) and went for a little hike along the coast.
plans- Namibia next week.

Jeffrys bay

hi all,

i'm in Namibia now for the last 2 weeks. it's a very special country, very big but only about 2 million people.

most of the country is desert (namib and Kalahari) and the landscape is very interesting because the country is "naked" of all "tachsiot" (sorry but i don't know the English word). so you can really see the rock formation and geological procceses.

what we did-

-2 days hike in the fish river Kenyon

-visit to luderitz a German city lost in the desert (Namibia was colonised by the Germans in the beginning of 20 Th century).

-visit to kalmanskop a deserted diamond miners town that is being "eaten by the dunes" (Namibia used to export a very large part of words diamonds and there are still big areas closed to the public due to diamonds "rolling around on the desert ground...)

- visit to susesvlai - the red dunes

- very long drives through amazing desert landscapes.



surfing and kitesurfing Namibia (hardcore...)

going up north to visit the himba tribe (the last tribe living the "traditional" way in this area)


enjoy the pics